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About Pack a Punch Publications

Pack a Punch Publications is a young music publishing venture with a growing catalogue of new arrangements and originals skillfully scored for a range of ensembles.

Our title derives from the wonderful working horses that come from the region in the UK where we are based.

The Suffolk PunchThe Suffolk Punch Trust

Currently much of our music is mainly for single reeds - saxophones and clarinets – so if you are looking for quartets, quintets, octets or mixed single reed music then please look further.  Music for other ensembles, such as orchestra and concert band, is planned for the future and will appear in our listings later.

The music we publish is presented on good quality paper and in a strong folder to help with longevity and storage.  More importantly Pack a Punch scores and parts are all clearly laid out using stave sizes and accidental spellings that can be easily read.
We strive to produce scores and parts of maximum clarity so the focus is on the performance rather the reading.

To order music simply click the button alongside the piece you require in the catalogue and an order can be made via Pay Pal.  Alternatively an order form can be printed out and sent in the post. 


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