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Saxophone Sessions - a series of workshop sessions, now in its tenth year, which aim to develop ensemble playing and have fun with good music written specifically for saxes



● If you are learning the sax and only play at home and to your teacher – these sax sessions are for you.

● If you play in a band and sit in a long line of saxes struggling to make your musical voice heard – these sax sessions are for you.

● If you enjoy playing in saxophone ensembles – these sax sessions are for you.

The aim of Saxophone Sessions is to develop ensemble playing skills whilst playing music specifically written for saxes where all parts are crucial to overall sound and are sympathetic to the instrument they are written for.


The focus will be on music written for larger ensembles and will be drawn from a range composers writing specifically for the relevant line up. The sessions will revolve around playing the dots, balancing the ensemble, interpretation options and issues for the individual when playing the sax in groups.

There is free parking beside the Trimley St Martin Memorial Hall and tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided.

Please bring a music stand.

If you would like to bring more than one instrument this is absolutely fine, please let us know when booking as we will always strive for a balanced ensemble.

Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control the start time of the session on May 21st has been brought forward to 12.30

To book either click on the buttons below to use PayPal or if you prefer use BACS please email for bank details -


Whichever method you use don’t forget to tell us about your playing experience and your preferred instrument(s) in the email message or in the special instructions box on the PayPal page.


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Afternoon sessions (£10 each):

Arrive and set up from about 1.30pm (90 minutes earlier on May 21st) and then a typical schedule would be:

2.00 Session 1
- warm up excercises then work on two or three ensemble pieces.
3.00 Tea break
3.20 Session 2
- look at a further two or three pieces which contrast with Session 1
4.05 Tea break
4.30 Session 3
- revisiting and 'perform' pieces from earlier.
5.00 End

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Sax Sessions - March 5th 2022 (£10)

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Sax Sessions - May 21st 2022 (£10) NB EARLIER START TIME 12:30

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Sax Sessions - September 24th 2022 (£10)





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